Organic Rejuvenation from Terres d’Afrique

Harnessing the power of African botanicals, Spa range Terres d’Afrique seeks to maximise nature’s inherent healing properties to provide the best skincare benefits. As one of the Spa brands featured at our overwater Spa, Terres d’Afrique is found in a choice of treatments across our Spa menu, yet for this festive season, we will be revealing four brand new experiences for you to enjoy:

  • Organic male facial – After cleansing and a gentle exfoliation, a  deeply relaxing massage using blue lace agate crystal will focus on stimulating the neurovascular points of the face and head to clear blocked energy pathways, tension and stress.
  • Immune booster facial and massage – Focusing on boosting energy levels and stimulating the immune system, these treatments bring together hot and cold massage techniques to activate blood flow and improve lymphatic drainage.
  • Sleep improvement ritual –  Designed to help de-stress, reconnect body and mind, fight jet-lag and for better sleep, this treatment is a combination of sound therapy, acupressure and soothing massage strokes. It focuses on the mind and aims at balancing energy in the body, inducing deep relaxation and reconnection with oneself.
  • Adansonia Massage – A detoxing massage using Terres d’Afrique detoxing oil, this treatment is conducted with heated pindas made of baobab seeds. The combination of heat, deep pressure, micro massage by the seeds and lymphatic drainage movements, increases blood flow and helps eliminate toxins accumulated in the body.

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