All Types of Yoga Await: Detox, Discovery and Bonfire..

With a full range of wellness classes, including the newly launched Detox Yoga programme, the Spa welcomes yoga enthusiasts of all levels for either group or private sessions. Especially for the festive season, yogi Prabir Podder will invite guests to join him on a starlight meditation and yoga class around the bonfire on Bambou Beach.

As a guided group session lasting one hour, the Bonfire Yoga class allows guests to draw energy from the surrounding nature as the warm glow of the bonfire provides a connective calm. The class will guide participants through a gentle flow of yoga postures, helping to release energy and to balance the body and mind.

Other highlights in the Spa’s wellness programme this festive seasons include a daily, complimentary Yoga Discovery Class for 30 minutes every day¬† at the Spa, as from 9.15am. To find out more or to make your yoga reservation, email


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